Established in June 2023, our institute offers a unique blend of singing instruction and comprehensive music education. From nurturing musical talent through tailored science-based methodologies to curating exceptional music events and producing outstanding albums for budding young musicians, our range of activities is designed to inspire and elevate the next generation of artists.

Shaghayegh Bagheri


I am freelance musician, Soprano singer, Improviser, and Poet from Iran.

I am founder and manager of “Chant School” (specialized singing school), one of the founders of Najva Ensemble (Contemporary band) and also an investor and manager of Yarava Music Academy.

By this time, two albums of me have been released in the U.S, “Of Your Hands,” “Free” (Najva Ensemble), and one

In Germany, Seyr und Silence with Joachim Heinz.

In October 2018, my book “Raze Hashtom” (The 8th Secret) was also published by Ronak Publication in the Netherlands.

I have many concerts with Najva ensemble and Yarava music group in Iran, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Hungary, Czech Republic, etc.

I participated in many festivals with Yarava music group like Yarava international electroacoustic festival (Iran), Off borders Contemporary music festival(Greece), Deffrazzioni contemporary music festival(Italy), Rand fest Schpile contemporary music festival (Germany), and having workshops in Iran, Germany, Greece, Italy, etc. as a contemporary vocal instructor and traditional singing instructor.

Furthermore, I have collaborated with Joachim Heinz in Alma Project as a vocal and poetry Improviser, and corporate with the IFCA association at the Emruz festival and its online series.

Currently, I am focused on contemporary music and discovering new styles and technics for vocals. By working worldwide and collaborating with the international world and artists, I have received significant achievements in this journey.

Likewise, with the establishment of my specialized singing school “Chant School”, I am active in expanding the education of different styles of singing.

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Behnoosh Sabetghadam

I am a soprano singer and vocal coach.

My career as a soprano singer began in 2005 when I joined the Choir Group. Under the guidance of Farhad Harati, I learned the theoretical foundations of music, including theory, solfege, and harmony.

In 2009, I started teaching solfege and vocal techniques to children and had the privilege of being the head of the children and youth choir at Naamira Music Group for two years.

From 2008 to 2014, I had the incredible opportunity to perform with the Choir Group at prestigious venues across the country, such as Vahdat Hall, Milad Tower, and Rudaki Hall. We also recorded studio albums, including the chorus album "Sun of the Calm Ocean."

In 2014, I decided to further my growth by studying classical vocal music at the Komitas Conservatory in Armenia. There, I was mentored by Professor Konstantin Simonyan and achieved an excellent degree, symbolized by a red diploma.

Upon returning to Iran in 2018, I expanded my artistic horizons by venturing into theater. I performed at the City Theater of Tehran while continuing to teach singing and solfege to students of all ages.

Since 2019, I have been an active member of the Avaye Mahan choir group conducted by Nima Fatehi. This experience has allowed me to refine my skills and collaborate with talented musicians.

In 2020, I delved into contemporary singing under the guidance of Shaghayegh Bagheri. I completed a vocal coaching program with her and collaborated as a soprano singer in an album with the Yarava Music Group.

Currently, I dedicate my time to teaching, performing, and studio recording. I am committed to continuously enhancing my singing abilities and sharing my deep passion for music with others.

Zainab Hajihasani
I am a classical singer and teacher specializing in classical and pop singing.

I began my musical journey by learning tonbak in Kashan. I joined choirs as a soprano singer and honed my skills in solfege and classical singing under the guidance of Shaghayegh Bagheri. Additionally, I learned piano from Kasra Faridi.

To deepen my understanding of music theory and solfege, I actively participated in various classes and successfully completed their coaching courses. I also underwent vocal coaching with Shaghayegh Bagheri and currently teach at several schools in Kashan, including "Radif", "Tolo", and "Dar al-Fonun".

Throughout my career, I have had numerous performances with the Kashan choir in the city of Kashan. I have also had the opportunity to perform in some online classical music performances and many stage performances.

In the past three years, I have organized several concerts for my singing students in both Kashan and Tehran. These concerts have provided a platform for my students to showcase their progress and talent.


Azadeh Keshavarz Rahbar
I am a soprano singer, born in 1979 in Tehran.

In terms of education, I have obtained a Pre-primary Teacher's Training Diploma. 

I have extensive teaching experience, having worked as a Kindergarten Teacher for 3-5 year-olds. Additionally, I have served as a Private Children's Music Teacher.

To enhance my skills and knowledge, I have undertaken various courses including regular Vocal Classes with Dr. Asghar Janabi and Shaghayegh Bagheri. I have also completed courses in Solfege, Music Theory, Introduction to History of Classical and Persian Music, and Vocal Teacher's Training under the supervision of Shaghayegh Bagheri.

In terms of performing experience, I have participated in institutional recitals where I showcased my talent in Classical Singing.

Farbod Shirmohammad

I am a musician, music teacher and poet, born in 1986 in Tehran.

Since my teenage years, I actively pursued my passion for music by enrolling in music courses with Atabak Elyasi, Hamidreza Shemirani  and Nasser Nazar. After attending some courses in classical violin with Amir Mashari, and learning the basics of rhythm from Bahman Rajabi, I chose classical piano as my specialized instrument. I sought training in classical piano from teachers such as Aydin Monem, Amir Evani, and Hamzeh Yeganeh. I studied music theory, harmony, counterpoint, and  an introduction to composition, under the guidance of Nima Gooran. I expanded my composition studies under the mentorship of Ehsan Saboohi and Ahmad Moghadasizadeh. I am currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in composition at the “University of Culture and Art”. In 2021, I commenced my training in classical singing under the mentorship of Shaghayegh Bagheri and now I am participating in vocal pedagogy courses with her.

As a composer, I wrote music for documentaries and short films. In addition, I created and performed music for theaters and play readings.
Since 2011, I have performed and recorded contemporary music in numerous concerts and albums with "Yarava" modern orchestra conducted by Mehdi Jalali. I also work at researching department of "Yarava" Music Group and as a director, I conducted “Sundays of Music” series of sessions in collaboration with my friends in "Yarava".
Since 2011 to 2015, I recorded and released albums, and performed live concerts, as pianist and keybordist, with "Accolade Music Band" and "Shurba Ensemble".
I am the co-founder, composer and performer in "Koocha Duet Band" in which I perform concerts and record pieces, with Nastaran Ghaffari, collaborate with singers such as Shaghayegh Bagheri, and Ghawgha Taban.
I also sing as bass singer at "Avaye Mahan" Choir Group, conducted by Nima Fatehi.

Since 2014, I work as a music instructor. I Teach Piano, Music Theory, Solfège, and Music History.


Delaram Talei
I am a performer born in 2000 in Kashan.
Through a few small theatre performances I discovered my passion for improvising with sounds. While studying architecture engineering, I also began exploring vocal techniques under the guidance of Shaghayegh Bagheri in 2019. Since then, I have had the opportunity to have various performances in Tehran.

One of my favourite projects was "An encounter with the sound of the street," where I delved into the urban sounds of Vali-asr street. This experience allowed me to further develop my understanding and appreciation for different sounds and their impact on our daily lives.

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards learning, practising and performing jazz music. It has become a familiar and cherished avenue for me to express myself.

For the past two years I have been learning and practising professional coaching in singing by supervision of Shaghayegh Bagheri. While expanding my knowledge about singing, I have been involved in an internship and organised an educational concert for my students.

Nima Jeirani
I am a professional rock/metal singer and lyricist, born in Tehran in 1985. Despite studying IT Science, my true passion has always been music, specifically metal and rock genres. I started playing instruments like the electric guitar and keyboard before pursuing my vocal training.

After completing elementary vocal courses, I furthered my studies in vocal techniques, focusing on skills such as distortion vocals, growling, and fry screaming. As a part of my final project in professional vocal courses, I had the opportunity to perform a repertoire of seven songs at The City Theater of Tehran. Additionally, I have gained experience performing at various jam sessions and co-founded two experimental bands.

In May 2018, I joined The Electroqute Band as the lead vocalist and lyricist. Since then, I have actively collaborated with the band on several projects, including the release of a studio album, three single tracks, four music videos, and two live videos.

In addition to my singing career, I have also been coaching online vocal lessons for the past two years. I am currently involved in the production of an upcoming studio album with Electroqute. To further enhance my skills and knowledge, I am currently enrolled in a course taught by Shaqayegh Bagheri, where I am learning modern vocal techniques and how to become a vocal coach.


Rana Koohvand
I am an experienced music and theater educator specializing in working with young children. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Puppet Theater from the prestigious University of Tehran in 2013, I embarked on a serious career in teaching and performing for children.

Over the years, I have actively engaged in professional development, pursuing various courses and workshops to enhance my expertise in child psychology, music coaching, creative theater, and art therapy. Under the guidance of renowned professionals such as psychotherapist Mahmoud Khabaz, the Adamak Group for music coaching, Hadi Hasani for creative theater, and Yashar Khodayi for art therapy, I have honed my skills in delivering effective and engaging educational experiences for children.

In 2019, I commenced vocal training under the tutelage of the esteemed Shaghayegh Bagheri. Since then, singing has become an integral component of my performances and educational workshops, allowing me to incorporate the transformative power of music into my teaching practice.

Throughout my career, I have assumed versatile roles as a director, actor, and singer in various musical productions, including notable shows like "The Hero Mouse," "The Singing Ladybugs," and "Strawberry Cookies." These productions have been consistently hosted in esteemed children's venues in both Tehran and Shiraz.

Furthermore, I have collaborated with esteemed organizations such as Kherad, Firuzehi Mansion, Talash School, Valeh, Mahde Qesse Man, Egeloland, among others.


Samin Partovi
I am a classical piano player and piano teacher, born in 2000 in Tehran.
I have been learning and playing piano for 16 years.
I have experience playing with different music bands and performed at several concerts and piano recitals.

I started my music journey with ORFF classes and I found my passion in classical music, and I chose classical piano as my specialized instrument.

Also, I have been playing classical guitar for two years and I performed at two concerts as a guitar player.

I have been working as an assistant piano teacher for 2 years under the guidance of Sima Meshkat.

I studied piano, music theory, and solfege under the guidance of Kasra Faridi.